As Long As I Can Laugh

    During the winter of 2014, I was researching the least painful ways to commit suicide. After stumbling upon an avenue that seemed rather attractive to me, I figured I should call someone. “What?” My friend answered the phone; I could tell she was half asleep. “Okay, so, I’m going to add you to […]

This Probably Shouldn’t Be Funny: A Struggle

For those of you who have subscribed to my blog by email, you know that the title of this post is also the title of a novel I’m working on. But in case you aren’t an email follower… This Probably Shouldn’t Be Funny: A Struggle is inspired by the conversations my friend from rehab (Erin) and […]

Trauma Speaks: On Addiction

Everything from the popping heat on the back of my preadolescent throat to the throbbing sense of dullness my body gave into as the alcohol entered my bloodstream – these were the sensations that made the taste worth it. These were the feelings I was willing to chase at any cost.