Christians Against Trump


Today Wayne Grudem, a widely respected and influential Christian theologian, wrote one of the most deluded essays I’ve ever read about why Christians, in particular, should vote for Trump.

It is my opinion, in fact, that Christians in particular should vote against Trump. Not necessarily for Clinton, but most definitely not for Trump. Some of the reasons I believe that are listed in a previous post, here.

There is a litany of reasons why Grudem’s argument is poorly constructed and does not hold water. My temptation was to tackle them all in one article.

But a successful, intelligent and well articulated fellow writer has already done so. Liz Lin is a writer for The Salt Collective and has a Phd. in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s in Theology/Psychology from Fuller.

If you are someone who is considering voting for Trump, or a Christian wondering what the right thing is, please take time to read and study her article. Not skim it. Not bookmark it for later. Read it. Click on the hyper links. Inform yourself.


It is asinine and dangerous to align a man like Trump with biblical values. More importantly, this irresponsible article by Grudem will add to the milieu of ammunition people in America have against “evangelicals.” Grudem’s article does nothing but make it harder for the average American to trust and respect Christians like myself. His words isolate people of color, minimize sexism and misogyny, demonize the democratic party, and come from a place of such entitled-white-man-ness I cannot conceive of how he came up with them.






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